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Debbie's Side of the Story

Paul started chatting me up through a free dating website, although I may have been the first one to send a message. In fact, I'm pretty sure I did send the first email. He seemed a decent fellow. Plus, his profile matched my three rules of online dating. Rule #1: no half (or full!) naked selfie photos taken in bathrooms (or other locations for that matter!). Rule #2: No photos taken with dead mammals. I'm not against hunters and I like my venison as much as the next Minnesota girl, but I don't need to see a picture of you with your prize when you're trying to look...dateable? Rule #3: No motorcyles. It's a personal choice.

Anyways. Paul passed the test with flying colors. So, we emailed. Then we instant messaged. Then I gave him my number and we text messaged. Hundreds and hundreds of texts. And exchanged emails. Lots of lots of emails. We even set up a date. Our very first date. I was getting excited. Talking to my super best friends about what I should wear. And then he texts me that he has to cancel. I have to say, I was suspicious. It wasn't my first time at the first date canceling rodeo. But he swore he felt dreadful about it and promised he still wanted to go out.

So, we scheduled our first date again. This time, we decide to go ice skating. Now, this is where things get...interesting. I've always been an ice skater and hockey player, and he knows that. Downtown St. Paul has a beautiful and romantic WinterSkate and Paul said he was game and said heck yeah, of course he could skate. We email each other during the week leading up to the date.

Some highlights:
"And I feel like my dress gets scandalously short when I sit down. A little something special for the customers, I guess"

When I read this all I could think to myself is "where did this girl come from?" That is purely meant as positive thing, just to clarify. - Paul

"Also, I never ravage on the first date. lol."
well, how disappointing. ;-) - Debbie
"And the picture you sent...all I can say is wow. Adorable nerdy glasses, beautiful ginger hair, beautiful eyes, just...overall beautiful. Also, that's a great color of nail polish you have in that picture. My anticipation of seeing you just multiplied 5 fold.

Now to only find a picture that doesn't make me look like a total goober..." - Paul

BTW, it takes a lot of tries to get a picture that looks cute. I looked like a goober in the first 10 takes. LOL - Debbie

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